Imagine yourself in your living room watching your favourite documentary or a movie while
sipping on a cup of coffee or glass of champagne. All is well, up until when you are forced to
fetch a blanket and put on socks and some few minutes later, you’re shading off the layers
because you’re sweating profusely. You don’t have to go through the hustle. There is
something better than all those layers of warm clothes: a roaring fire that needs no tending,
requires no clean-up, operated by a simple push of a button or just a touch and doesn’t
overheat your body as you can control the amount of heat it emits.
At Contaf Group Ltd we offer gas and space heating and Gas solutions to institutions and
homes. Instead of filling your kitchen with gas cylinders and live with the constant fear of gas
running out or a possible gas leak and eventually blow out: we do gas reticulation. The
advantage is that; the gas tanks are installed outside, pex pipes are used and unlike copper
pipes; pex pipes are malleable, can withstand up to 80 bars of gas pressure not corrosive. In
addition, there is a Gas leak detector, ultra-sound meter that is changed after every 10 years
and automated valves that automatically lock with the slightest leakage of gas.
On top of that, we offer quality Electric Fireplaces and living flame (Gas and Bioethanol)
fireplaces. With the fireplaces installed in your home you don’t have to worry anymore about
your kids getting burnt by unruly fire, being smoked out of your house because of wet wood
or wood by-products.
The products are carefully crafted to resemble the traditional fireplaces; they emit heat, can
produce the crackling sound of wood fire and have a variety of embers that are attractive.
You can take a breather and enjoy a smokeless flame and forget the hustle of constantly
adding firewood and putting out the fire before going to bed.

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